Request a quotation
If you’d like to continue with us, upload a copy of your documents and request a quotation by filling in the form below. To accept our quotation, you should print it and return it to us signed. If you are unable to print this quotation, you can pay us in advance. The question about the purpose for which you need our translation will enable us to determine whether or not we need to see your original document.


Our turnaround time
Our maximum turnaround time, for 1-10 documents, is 5 working days as from the day of receiving your go ahead. This deadline is for a coded pdf copy of your translation sent by email, to which you need to add two days for the postal copy. We can often reduce this maximum turnaround time.

If you need an urgent translation (within 48 hours) we'll try but if we need to work overtime the price will be 25% extra.

Is the postal return really free?
Yes, all translations are returned first by email and then by priority recorded post, for no extra cost. Each translation is returned signed, dated, stamped and numbered with a pledge that it conforms either to your original document or to your scanned copy (which will also be stamped, signed, dated and numbered).

How can I pay?
Once you have agreed to our quotation price, you can use one of our three means of payment:
- cheque
- credit / debit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc) on our website or by email
- bank transfer

What happens after I receive the translation?
Here are three examples of what can happen after receiving your translation: at your interview for French nationality or at your in-person university enrollment or at your court case, you (or your barrister) will be asked to produce your original document, our certified translation and the source document from which we worked  (which we will have  certified). The authorities will check the match between our certified source document and your original copy.  They may even phone us to verify that we really did the translation and for this eventuality, we must keep impeccable records.


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