We invite you to join our satisfied clients
In an average week, half of our work comes from returning satisfied clients, or their friends. That's very gratifying but not surprising as over the years 2000+ private clients have trusted us, as have dozens of companies, courts, Lawyers and Notaries who all return because they are satisfied with our work.

Private clients

Obviously, we can't list private clients’ names, but early during the month of March 2020 (before lockdown) we trialed TrustPilot by asking our clients to publicly and freely provide us with feedback. You can read their feedback here.



Professional Clients: Companies
On the other hand, we can thank some of the companies for whom we have had the pleasure of working.


Professional Clients: Courts
In addition to police stations, customs and industrial tribunals, we can also list the local High Courts of La Rochelle, Niort, Saintes and Poitiers that have called upon our services, and some farther afield in Paris, Versailles, Lyon, Toulouse, Brussels, Edinburgh, Washington State, Auckland and even Timbuktu in which our translations have been produced.



Professional Clients: Lawyers and Notaries
Our 'regular' Lawyer and Notary clients are mostly local, but occasionally we receive a request from an exotic lawyer or notary, which is always a surprise as we run no publicity apart from this website.




Me Blanche-Marie ARIAS (Perigueux)
SCP Jean-Marc BESNARD & Eric Maître DABIN (Niort)
Me Lénaïck BERTHEVAS (Versailles)
Me Pierre-Marie BODIN (Ars en Ré)
Me Dominique BROUSMICHE (Paris)
SCP Thierry CLAIRAND & Magalie ROUGIER (Rochefort)
Me Dorothée DESFOSSES-MOREAU (La Rochelle)
Me Sylvie FERNANDES (La Rochelle)
SCP Gaetan FORT & Claude MASSON (Parthenay/Niort)
Me Xavier GUIBE (Saint Martin en Ré)
Me Guillaume KOOB (La Rochelle)
Edward LEE & Associates (Colorado, USA)
Me Marie-Félicie LESEC (Paris)
Me Jean-Yves MARCAULT-DEROUARD (Fort de France)
Me Frédérique PASCOT (Poitiers)
Me Thierry SELOSSE (Bressuire)
Me Renaud SEMERDJIAN (Paris)
Me David SIMHON (Paris)
Me Catherine TOUREN-GROSSEAU (Versailles)


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