During the CODIV-19 pandemic, we are happy to adapt our prices to the difficult circumstances of private people and SMEs in difficulty.

Prices adapted to your circumstances

Our Translation Prices
In order to simplify your calculations, we only have two prices: a standard price per page for common translations and a per-word price for unique full-text translations.

Whenever a common document (driving licence, marriage certificate, etc.) is accompanied by a second document like an apostille, a certificate of non-impediment to marriage, etc., we don’t charge for the second documents as long as the two accompany each other.  Two abridged birth certificates only count as one page.

Please remember that the price of a translation includes much more than just the time spent translating. Among the usual overheads (chartered accountant, rent, insurance and various membership costs) the price of a translation includes time spent with clients on the telephone and at emails, taxes (who can forget the taxes?) and the cost of returns by priority recorded post.

Prices (all taxes are included)


Price-per-page translations:
- 45€ per page (for 1 page)
- 40€ per page (for 2-7 pages)
- 35€ per page (for 8+ pages)


Some examples (price-per-page)
- birth certificates
- marriage certificates
- death certificates
- UK divorce papers
- degree certificates
- professional qualifications
- passports
- company registration certificates
- driving licences (both parts count as one)
- non-impediment certificates
- police records


Price-per-word translations:

15-20 euro-cents per word depending on the difficulty and urgency. (Minimum order = 45€)

Some examples (price per word)
- adoption papers
- wills
- Articles of Association / Incorporation (a.k.a. Corporate Charters)
- court summonses
- judgements
- sales contracts
- employment agreements
- letters of recommendation
- pre-sale property agreements
- academic transcripts

Urgent translations
If you need an urgent translation (within 48 hours) we'll see what we can do. If we need to work overtime it will cost 25% extra.

Paying for translations
Once you have accepted our quotation price, you can pay by:
-  cheque
- bank transfer
- credit card


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